1x8 PLC Blockless Fiber Splitter Outdoor Distribution Box RVG-FDB-0208B

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Ideal for splice and patching for FTTH application
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1x8 PLC Blockless Fiber Splitter Distribution Box FS-FDB-0208B
FDB series are applicable in FTTH project and suitable for building's outer walls application; They can distribute cables after installing splitters and also can draw out room fiber optic cables by direct or cross-connections. They are with the function of mechanical splice, fusion splice, light splitting, wiring distributions etc.

Note: This box does not come with any adapters, pigtails and fiber splitters. If you need them, we can install them for you with few charges.

Material PC/ABSDimensions(H*W*D )205*220*55 mm
Max. Capacity of Ports8 portsMax. Capacity of Splice8 cores
Suitable AdapterSC/LCAccommodate PLC1x8 PLC splitters
Features & Applications

Industry Standard User Interface, nice appearance Anti-UV, Ultra violet resistant and rainfall resistant Up to 24 FTTH drops Wall and pole mountable 1~3 inlet ports, 8~24 outlet ports.
Widely used in FTTH access networkTelecommunication NetworkCATV NetworksData communications NetworksLocal area network
Accessories for PLC SplittersFiber Terminal Box
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