Airmax AC Sector AM-5AC22-45

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airMAX AC Sector 5 GHz, 45º, 22 dBi Antenna
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airMAX® ac 2x2 BaseStation Sector Antenna The airMAX® ac Sector Antennas feature significant advances in scalability, noise isolation, and beam performance to complement the Rocket™5ac radios in Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) networks. They are compatible with RocketM5 models; however, optimal performance requires the Rocket5ac.
Dimensions (mm)750 x 215 x 94
Weight6 kg
Frequency Range5.10 - 5.85 GHz
Gain22 dBi
HPOL Beamwidth45° (6 dBi)
VPOL Beamwidth45° (6 dBi)
Electrical Beamwidth
Electrical Downtilt
Max. VSWR1.5:1
Wind Survivability200 km/h (125 mph)
Wind Loading347 N @ 200 km/h (78 lbf @ 125 mph)
Cross-pol Isolation30 dB Min.
ETSI SpecificationEN 302 326 DN2
MountingUniversal Pole Mount, RocketM Bracket, and Weatherproof RF Jumpers Included

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