Mimosa Networks C5c/PoE C5c + PoE Bundle US/EU

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Long-range point-to-point (PTP) backhaul

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Rural point-to-multipoint (PTMP) GigaPoP

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Suburban MicroPoP when foliage exists

*Distances vary based on Mimosa C5c and the access point power and antenna gain. Please refer to the Mimosa Design Tools to simulate performance with your regional wireless regulatory restrictions.


Auto-Provisioning together with the Mimosa Install App, now dramatically reduces subscriber installation time, automates device provisioning and allows seamless device integration into an ISP network.

Auto Provision@2X


Connect to virtually any dual polarization antenna to custom-engineer longer distance client links. The C5c supports 2x2:2 MIMO dual connector RP-SMA for easy cabled antenna connectivity and can be mounted to any pole via hose clamps, or easily clipped onto antenna supporting compatible clip-on mounting bracket systems.


In SRS mode, all uplink and downlink transmissions are scheduled by the Access Point (A5/A5c), which greatly improves medium access protocol (MAC) efficiency, allows interference coordination, and reduces jitter. In contrast, in WiFi-Interop mode, clients need to contend with each other to access the channel, which leads to reduced MAC efficiency, higher interference levels, and higher jitter.

C5C Client Sync@2X


A key component to scaling network capacity is leveraging innovative new multi-user MIMO capabilities. With MU-MIMO, multiple clients on the same access point are coordinated to simultaneously share spectrum "spatially" via unique antenna beamforming. All the client devices provide their spatial information to their associated A5/A5c device to facilitate coordination of the shared spectrum. This radically improves multipoint access capacity and spectral efficiency and reduces latency.

* Available in a future release

C5C Multiuser@2X

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