REVO 624FE-24FXS 24 Port + 24 FXS ONU

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REVO 624FE-24FXS Series High Density EPON MDU

REVO 624FE-24FXS Series are high density EPON MDUs, used for FTTB/FTTO/FTTC/FTTV, developed by V-Solution. These products are based on stable and mature Gigabit EPON technology, which has high performance/price ratio, high quality VoIP and the technology of Layer 3 Ethernet switch as well. They are highly reliable and easy to maintain and build network, with guaranteed QoS. And they are fully compliant with technical regulations such as IEEE802.3ah and technical requirement of EPON Equipment (V2.1 and above version) from China Telecom.


624FE-24FXS Series are multi-dwelling EPON ONUs. Their core chips are mature, stable and high performance chipset in telecom field. Users can easy to build an EPON optical access system together 624FE-24FXS with popular EPON OLT. The access system can provide broadband access services for enterprises or multi-dwellings, offer internet access service, VoIP and VOD for families or small companies, etc.

Technical parameters


Technical items






Upstream PON

1 or 2 EPON ports, SC single-mode/single-fibre, symmetric 1.25Gbps



V5628-16AF supports 1 EPON only


Optical wavelength

Tx 1310nm, Rx 1490nm


Optical interface

SC/PC connector



24 10/100Mbps auto adaptive Ethernet interfaces, Full Duplex/Half


Downstream LAN

Duplex, support AUTO-MDIX, RJ45 connectors. According to



IEEE802.3, 802.3u, 802.3x. V5628-16AF supports 16 LAN ports.


Downstream POTS

24x FXS, share the same RJ45 connector of downstream LAN


Only for V5628-2C


Console interface

Used for Debugging EPON, Data, VoIP. they share a RJ45 connector


Packet loss rate



Call loss rate



DC power supply

~220Vac and -48Vdc, redundant design


Power switch

1, power on and off


Power consumption

V5628-2A, 16AF: 30W; V5628-2C: 50W


Operating condition

Operating temp: -30~+55


operating humidity:10~90%(non-condensed)


Storing condition

Storing temp: -30~+60


storing humidity:10~90%(non-condensed)





V5628-2A,2C: 480mm*44.5mm*240mm(length*width*height)


V5628-16AF: 480mm*44.5mm*207mm(length*width*height)




Net weight

V5628-2A: 3.12Kg, V5628-2C: 3.24kG, V5628-16AF:2.84Kg



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