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Multilink makes no warranties on any products. All devices are that are directly purchased from Multilink Solutions Inc are warranted as per the Manufacturer's terms. Warranty terms vary by Manufacturer. The customer should consult the manufacturer of the product regarding warranty policy prior to contacting Multilink. Some of the Manufacturer's handle warranty repairs and replacements directly with the customer. If the product purchased is within the Manufacturer's warranty policy Multilink may assist in obtaining the warranty service. 

Mikrotik Warranty Terms

Equipment hardware is warranted for 12 months from the date of Purchase when purchased directly from our website www.multilink.us. Before approving the RMA, the customer needs to complete the troubleshooting procedures or in some instances obtain a Mikrotik Support Ticket. Troubleshooting procedures include performing a factory reset, Attempt Netinstall https://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Manual:Netinstall  The Customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Products that are returned to Multilink and are found not defective may incur technical support fee of up to $50 per device. 

RMA procedure can take longer to complete since the devices are sent for repairs to the manufacturer. We do not provide any estimated time. 

RMA Return Instructions

1. The customer is responsible for Return shipping charges. All the packages that are shipped to Multilink should be prepaid for shipping costs.
2. Multilink will ship the Repaired/ Replacement unit to the customer within continental US states for Free of cost.
3. Customer may pay additional fees to get the return shipment expedited, Shipped internationally.
4. Send the RMA unit in a secure package, Do not affix any kind of labels or stickers on the original packaging. Any damage to the unit in transit is the customer's responsibility. Multilink reserves the right to refuse RMA on a case by case basis.
5. Multilink rejects the RMA if the contents received are different other than the units that have approved RMA.
6. Include a copy of RMA form on the return shipment.
7. Routers should be unlocked from all passwords and factory reset.
8. The RMA units should arrive at the specified return location while the warranty is valid.
9. All RMA's that are issued by Multilink is valid for 30 days of issuance. RMA's will not be RE-ISSUED. It is customers responsibility to send the RMA units on time.

We reserve the right to change our policy specified anytime.