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REVO RVG600-504 series GPON ONU Includes Wifi is one of the GPON optical network unit design to meet the requirement of the broadband access network. It apply in FTTH/FTTO to provide the data,  video service based on the GPON network.

GPON is the latest generations of access network technology. ITU-T G.984 is the standard protocol of GPON. The GPON standard differs from other PON standards in that it achieves higher bandwidth and higher efficiency using larger, variable-length packets. GPON offers efficient packaging of user traffic, with frame segmentation allowing higher quality of service (QOS) for delay-sensitive voice and video communications traffic. GPON networks provides the reliability and performance expected for business services and provides an attractive way to deliver residential services. GPON enables Fiber To The Home (FTTH) deployments economically resulting to accelerated growth worldwide.

RVG600-504 series have a high reliability and provide quality of service guarantee, easy management, flexible expansion and networking. It’s fully meet the ITU-T technical standards and have good compatibility with third party manufacturers OLT.

The device shell adopts personalized ventilation design, simple, fashion, steady. High quality environmental protection material is impact resistant,  high temperature resistant and good heat dissipation effect to providing users with a more secure Internet environment.


  • Support port-based rate limitation and bandwidth control

  • In compliant with ITU G.984 Standard

  • Support data encryption, group broadcasting, port Vlan separation, etc.

  • Support Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA)

  • Support ONU auto-discovery/Link detection/remote upgrade of software;

  • Support port mode of VLAN configuration,power-off alarm function, easy for link problem detection

  • Support broadcasting storm resistance function, Support port isolation between different ports

  • Support port flow control, ACL and SNMP to configure data packet filter flexibly

  • Specialized design for system breakdown prevention to maintain stable system

  • Support software online upgrading

  • EMS network management based on SNMP, convenient for maintenance

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