Ubiquiti UniFi Antenna UMA-D Directional Dual-Band Antenna for UAP-AC-M

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Directional Dual-Band Antenna for UAP-AC-M

The UMA-D is a dual-band, dual-polarity antenna optimized for 802.11ac. It offers a directional radiation pattern and a three-axis ball joint mount for precise aiming.

Dual-Band Directivity

Directivity allows you to get coverage where you need it. With its high-efficiency radiator, the UMA-D delivers significantly better performance for your desired coverage area and less interference with neighboring APs.

Mounting Versatility

Use the included mount for horizontal or vertical mounting on a wall, ceiling, or pole. The ball-joint system allows for quick and easy alignment: azimuth (left/right), elevation (up/down), and orientation (vertical or horizontal pole/surface).

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