Ubiquiti UniFi LTE

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Avoid internet downtime and lost productivity by adding a UniFi® LTE to your existing UniFi network. It is a Category 4 LTE device that seamlessly integrates with the UniFi Dream Machine (UDM) or UniFi Security Gateway (USG) to deploy an LTE WAN failover network. The UniFi LTE uses the AT&T LTE network to provide backup internet connectivity1 in case your primary WAN connection goes down. For failover, the UniFi LTE provides a secondary Gigabit Ethernet port for bridging and passive PoE passthrough. 

Ready in minutes: LTE activation is integrated for your convenience. Connect the UniFi LTE to your local network, and then activate it by signing up for a subscription plan with your credit card via your cloud account at unifi.ui.com The UniFi Network Controller automatically creates a secure tunnel between the UniFi LTE and security gateway. Then select individual networks for LTE failover2 when the primary WAN goes offline. You can manage your LTE subscription at: account.ui.com/subscriptions 1 Coverage and availability depends on the AT&T LTE network. 2 UniFi cloud account and Ubiquiti LTE data plan required 

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